Dopo 9 anni torna WordCamp Catania! Intervista con Francesco Grasso.

WordCamp Catania

SiteGround has always supported the WordPress Community and sponsors WordCamps around the world. In Italy this year we have already had the opportunity to participate in WordCamp Turin and Bari, while in the coming months we will be sponsors in Verona and Milan. But there is a special WordCamp in this 2019, a great return that we are sure will be a great success: WordCamp Catania !

Nine years after the last edition, Francesco Grasso and his team decided it was time to relaunch the event and we obviously can only be happy about it. Given the great return of WordCamp Catania, I decided to ask Francesco some questions about the event.

Did you know that?
In 2010 WordPress was used by just over 10% of the sites in the world,
while today we are over 34%

Francesco Grasso

Hi Francesco,
for those unfamiliar with the WordPress world, can you explain what a WordCamp is?

WordCamps are events dedicated to WordPress - the most used publishing platform in the world - and organized by local communities of users and volunteers. Among enthusiasts and experts from all over the world who share their knowledge and discuss technologies, we talk about tools, services, experiences and everything that revolves around WordPress (and not only). Two days: contributor day (to take part in the great community that revolves around this CMS) and the WordCamp (an entire day of conference with national and international speakers).

Who usually participates in WordCamps? Who is it for?

The event is aimed at all those who, at any level, have an interest in WordPress: bloggers, content creators, SEO specialists, designers, marketers, developers, designers, site owners, enthusiasts, curious and WordPress experts, but not only! Often participating in events like WordCamps is an incentive to dive into this world or into new and professional adventures.

Did you know that?
WordCamps are events organized by the Community and by volunteers, so it always costs very little to participate !

The last WordCamp Catania was in 2010. What prompted you to organize a new WordCamp in 2019? What has changed?

9 years have passed, an eternity. Every time I think about it I ask myself: "but how is it possible ?!" Certainly participating in the 2016 Turin WordCamp was the great springboard, from there began a process of contributing to the Italian community and interaction that involved Antonino and me. Returning from that experience, we founded the WordPress Meetup Catania with exceptional results. A format that involves many enthusiasts in our city (Catania is a land full of community tech and highly respected technological realities). After more than 3 years of meetups and many encouragement from some members of the Italian WordPress community, we finally felt ready to "take the step" and celebrate our community (which we affectionately call family) in a 2-day event.

What is the thing you love most about the WordPress community?

Surely the spirit behind it. I would say that it is an ecosystem with a flat organization. There are referents who are there to help and clarify doubts, and the best thing is that you yourself can become a point of reference for other members of the community. Everyone's contribution, at any level, is equally valuable and necessary. Contributor Day is a great opportunity to become part of this world and the awareness of being useful is the best gratification you can have. Let us remember that WordPress is free and contributing to its diffusion or development at any level is an act, I dare say, due 🙂

SiteGround obviously could not miss this event and for this we will be the sponsor of WordCamp Catania, we will have a dedicated stand with lots of news and gadgets to present and we will hold two talks with Francesca Marano and Svetoslav Stamatov.

Take a look at our talks

Marano WC Catania
Stamatov WC Catania

Now you have no more excuses! If you are curious about the digital world, if you have long thought it is time to create your first site or if you are passionate about the WordPress world, you cannot miss this opportunity.

See you in Catania!

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